In my opinion, Cara Delevingne would be a much better alaska young than Margo Roth.

Lukes good he’s gotten better at ass eating

im so glad u deserved better 

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I miss u :-(

miss u 2 nana !!!! how’s life how’s luke

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tbh this is the longest time i’ve been on here since forever

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before you go ghost… can i ask for 14 followers? pls


can a hunty get 6 more followers :-)?


if you don’t like a band simply because their fan base is expanding I don’t understand you like why don’t you want other people to listen to them and support them like you do? Do you want them to be playing at underground pubs to patrons who don’t even listen their whole lives? why are you so against success you fucking loathsome hipster prat


whats unreal about this